Pralognan, an accessible family resort

OUR TRAVEL : 4 days, from February 2nd to 5th 2023

WHERE : in Pralognan la Vanoise, in the Vanoise massif

HOW TO GET THERE: To get to Pralognan, it takes about 4.5 hours by train from Paris to Moutiers station with a connection in Chambéry. Don't worry, the connection time is often short but the SNCF agents at the platform are aware of your presence in the train and will do what is necessary so that you can get on the next one without any problems. 

WHEN TO GO ? In winter, it is the opportunity to try unusual activities for people with reduced mobility. The sliding is made possible in multiple machines all the most incredible! 

WHAT TO PUT IN YOUR SUITCASE ? Going skiing when you are in a wheelchair is all about equipment. We recommend that you bring the following items:

  • Ski clothes: it is easier to regulate your temperature when you have several layers that you can easily put on or take off. 
  • Gloves: remember to bring reinforced gloves to prevent them from getting damaged while riding. Don't forget the undergloves and the warmers to have a little more heat at the end of the fingers. 
  • Wheelbaldes and cross wheels: skates to be fixed on your front wheels to move more easily on the snow, especially if you don't have a third wheel. The cross wheels will grip the snow better than the city wheels.


WHY GO THERE ? The mountains in winter have a taste for adventure and discovery of all kinds. Pralognan is The two resorts are very well equipped so that everyone can find their happiness and (re)connect with the sensations of skiing!

ACCESSIBILITY : Find all our addresses on our map Mapstr !

Pralognan la Vanoise, a family resort

At an altitude of 1400 meters, the village of Pralognan-la-Vanoise has its feet in the snow. Located in the heart of France's first natural park, the Vanoise National Park, it is overlooked by the Grande Casse, the highest peak in Savoie at 3,855 meters. Here, winter is not easy with temperatures that can reach -20 degrees several days in a row and the sun has trouble showing its face above the summits.

Since the 17th century and its first shepherds, the village has grown while keeping its charm of yesteryear. Nicknamed the little Chamonix, its development is partly linked to the development of mountaineering from the 19th century. There are many hiking trails that allow you to discover a nature that has been preserved for more than 60 years, both in summer and winter. Keep your eyes open, an ibex is never far away!

Tandem ski descent

The Pralognan ski area extends over thirty kilometers with trails for all levels. Its real plus: once you reach the top of the last chairlift, you are only a hundred meters from the limits of the Vanoise Park! The view on the surrounding mountains is simply breathtaking!

For the first descent of the year, Vincent and Gillian, two ski instructors of the Anaé of Pralognan, accompany us and we chose an equipment which changes a little, especially for Myriam!

We settle both in a tandem flex well with the heat under the protections. The objective is to ski together because, whether we are standing or sitting, our respective levels do not allow us to go all the way on all the tracks. The sensations of sliding are really incredible and all the more accentuated by a total confidence in our pilots. And finally, being able to ride down the slope next to each other is a real pleasure!

Because of its size, the area is quite accessible for sit-skiers and the lift staff is friendly when you pass by. Finally, one of the advantages of going through Anaé is the diversity of equipment they have: uniski, dual-ski, kartski and tandem flex. Everything is stored at the foot of the Edelweiss chairlift, so you can stay in your wheelchair until the last moment! 

Try curling in a wheelchair
A little known ice sport

The Cristalthe Vanoise sports center, is a multi-sport complex perfect for both sports and relaxation with a view!

In addition to a skating rink, a swimming pool and a fully equipped gym, it houses a curling rink! Created for the Albertville Olympic Games in 1992, it is accessible to everyone throughout the winter. We have all seen images during the winter Olympics of athletes rubbing the ice with a broom, wondering what the rules of the game were!

It is actually quite simple: two teams compete with the objective of getting the most stones to the center of the target. One person throws a stone on the ice and the three other members of the team rub the surface to direct it and manage its speed to the target located 40 meters away. After a few tries, we quickly realize that it takes some skill to manage this stone that weighs nearly 20 kilos!

How to curl in a wheelchair?

First of all, the access to the track has been arranged with a wooden ramp so that everyone, even in a wheelchair, can be on the ice. Don't forget to make small gestures to move forward or you might end up in the wall!

As you will have noticed, to handle the stone or the broom, you must have a good autonomy of the upper limbs but rest assured there are several ways to push the stone according to your capacities:

  • A wooden handle with a metal bracket to attach directly to the handle of the stone. The direction is less assured with this option.
  • A wooden handle with a rounded grip that encompasses the stone. This is certainly the most effective way to use the full power of the upper body.
  • If you are in an electric wheelchair, it is also possible to play! A small board with a notch cut for the stone can be wedged in front of the small wheels to use the power of your chair!


Whether you are on your own two feet or in a wheelchair, we recommend that you try this unusual sport with your family or friends, the fun is guaranteed!

A spa at the foot of the mountains

If you feel a little chilly after curling, take the elevator to the spa. The saunas and Jacuzzi will warm you up and relax you in the scent of fir trees and essential oils.

At the end of the day, the view of the mountains is simply breathtaking! And for the more adventurous among you, the outdoor Jacuzzi is worth a visit. It is not suitable for the disabled, but if there are several of you, it should be possible for everyone to enjoy it.

Snowshoe outing

At the end of the village, you will find the Nordic Park. The setting is simply incredible with the mountains surrounding you. The sun doesn't come out right away, but as soon as you start walking, you won't feel the cold anymore! A hut has been installed at the entrance to put your stuff in secure lockers. A snowshoe trail runs around the plateau and in the middle, trails adapted to different levels of cross-country skiing have been marked out.

Myriam puts on a pair of snowshoes, I fix my wheelblades on my front wheels and with the help of our polar expedition harness, we are off to the edge of the forest for our greatest happiness. The road is packed and very hard after several cold days. This allows us to move forward easily even in a wheelchair and the crunching of the snow under the tires is a treat!

On the way, you can't miss the goat farm of Chavière. Audrey and Sylvain's farm specializes in the breeding and production of goat cheese and produces a variety of soft and hard cheeses, as well as flavored cheeses. Don't hesitate to stop by the store to try a piece!

You can visit it especially in winter to get to know the goats. They all have their first name and we obviously fell in love with Tartiflette! When the weather is fine, they go to stretch their legs in the fields of the Vanoise National Park!

An evening under the stars

To finish your day in beauty, we advise you to follow Thierry at the fall of the night for a Meeting of the infinite. This astronomy enthusiast will tell you all about the sky of Pralognan: the little bear and the polar star at its end, the constellation of Orion recognizable with the red star Betelgeuse... If you are in Pralognan in February, you will be able to see Jupiter above the little Mont-Blanc!

Anaé vacation center: This center, certified for all types of disabilities, is the perfect place to stay in Pralognan whether as a couple, a family or a group. Rooms range from 2 to 5 people (it is possible to add an extra bed if needed). All handicaps are welcomed with open arms by a super trained team that will meet your needs. They offer many outings (tandem skiing, introduction to curling...). 

Rates: In winter, the one-week stay with full board starts at 590€ per adult in a double room and 437€ per adult in a room for 3 to 5 people. April is the most advantageous period with free ski rental for 4 people! Find here all the rates in a more detailed way.

Accessibility: all rooms are wheelchair accessible as well as the bathrooms. It is possible to ask in advance to have the medical equipment you need like a medical bed, shower chair, shower bed... they will give you all the details.

Bar restaurant of Tourism : A very nice address appreciated by the regulars. The dish of the day is local and often very good. Prices: from 13€ for the dishes. Accessibility: the entrance is on the same level and the toilets are at the bottom of a staircase.

Hotel de la Vanoise : On the first floor of the hotel there is a bar with a huge fireplace, perfect after a day of skiing. The restaurant is pleasant and to be able to taste a local trout is good between the dishes of melted cheeses. Prices: from 20€ for the dishes. Accessibility: There is a small step to access the main entrance that leads to the bar. Just next door, the toilets are accessible and equipped. To access the restaurant, you can go through the inside by passing 3 rather high steps otherwise by the outside there is a ramp but it can be covered with ice. Finally, the tables are quite low and you may not be able to get your legs under them.

La Grange: A nice bar for a drink at the end of the day. On the terrace, the brazier burns huge logs. Inside, the space is not very big to move easily in a wheelchair but the atmosphere is nice and the toilets are accessible. Prices: from 5€ for alcoholic drinks and 10€ for boards to share. Accessibility: access is on the ground floor from the side of the covered passage. The toilets are wheelchair accessible.

Chavière Goat Farm: Perfect for buying fresh cheese and watching the goats rub against a massage brush! Opening hours : In winter, from 9:30 am to 12 am and from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. In summer, the goats are in the fields in the mountain pasture! Accessibility : The store and the goats' living area are fully accessible by wheelchair.

Ski area: Climb to over 2,200 meters above sea level with an incredible view of the Vanoise Park! Find here the map of the slopes. Rates : from 26€ per day. The price also includes access to the cross-country ski trails on the plateau. Accessibility: Different activities are made possible thanks to the Anaé association which has several types of equipment adapted to your handicap.

Le Cristal: This center offers many activities:

  • The spa: In a soothing setting, come and enjoy 3 Jacuzzis, one of which is outdoor, 2 saunas facing the mountains, a steam room, cold baths and experience showers. Places are limited to ensure absolute relaxation. Rates: 19.5€ for one hour. From 40€ for the treatments. Find the complete list here. Accessibility: the main area is wheelchair accessible. The shower in the cabin is unfortunately poorly positioned and it is therefore not possible to use it once seated on the seat fixed to the wall. The Jacuzzi is quite high and requires the help of at least two people to access it. The sauna is accessible as well as the benches to enjoy it lying down or sitting facing the mountains.
  • The swimming pool : Located under the spa, it is open to all. Rates: 7,5€ per adult, 5,5€ for a child under 13 and free for children under 5. Aquagym, aquafitness and aquaboxing classes are also available for 12€. Accessibility: there is a deckchair-type seat on large wheels available to help you get into the water. You need someone to help you maneuver it.
  • Curling: The demonstration rink built for the 1992 Albertville Winter Olympics is accessible during the winter season until March 31, 2023. A minimum of 6 people is required to play. Rates: 85€ for 1 hour and 160€ for 2 hours. If you are staying at the Anae, the rate is 12€ per person for 2 hours! Accessibility: Access to the track is easy with a ramp to the ice. There are two push handles available.

The meetings of the infinite : Thierry will tell you all about the stars in the sky of Pralognan. Price: 7€ per person Accessibility: The meeting point is in front of the ESF and Thierry will take you to the observation site through the village. The end of the path, even if it's snowed in, is quite passable. He will not hesitate to give you a hand if needed.

We liked Pralognan la Vanoise because of its typical character of a farmer's village transformed by the arrival of mountaineering and winter sports. Being in the heart of the Vanoise Park allowed us to intensely reconnect with nature in a few days. We will remember the kindness of its inhabitants and the goats warm in their stable! I think we will come back to rediscover it in the nice days to see the mountains in bloom!

Trip realized in collaboration with Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Tourism and the tourist office of of Pralognan la Vanoise.

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