Gyrocopter flight - Martinique, France

Martinique is beautiful from the ground, but if I tell you that it is even more beautiful from the air, do you believe me?

Sophie has been flying a gyrocopter, the ancestor of the helicopter, for a little over 3 years now. Climb behind her in an open-air cockpit, take off from the main runway of Fort-de-France airport and there you go... you're in the air above the turquoise waters! The discovery flight takes you to Anse à l'âne via Pointe du Bout. In a few minutes, you will discover colours that have no equal. This is clearly one of our favourite activities in Martinique!


    • Contact: Sophie (+596 696 90 40 25)
    • Location: Fort de France airfield, Martinique - France
    • Duration: ½ day - 9.30am - 12.30pm with snack and planter (no longer offering the full day Covid suite)
    • Price: From €70
    • Period: All year round
    • Public: All audiences
    • Accessibility: I was the first person in a wheelchair to test his gyrocopter and it went very well! You need a hand to climb into the machine but the seat is quite low, which makes it relatively easy to access. Sophie is very attentive and ready to help you if needed!
    • For more information, please visit aerodream.co.uk

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