Surfing in the sand dunes - Huacachina, Peru

Take advantage of your visit to Huachina to take a buggy ride in the sand dunes. Every trip has its own dune surfing descents! If you can, do it in the last hours of the day to enjoy the sunset!

We were with Peru Hop and our guide Aldo concocted a special outing with his friend Wilson. We had a buggy for 4 and we stopped where we wanted! It was great!


    • Contact: info@peruhop.com / +51 1 2422140
    • Location: Huacachina - Peru
    • Duration: 2 hours
    • Price: 45 Soles (approx. 10€) per person (vehicles of 8 to 10 people), a private costs 130 Soles (approx. 30€) for 2.
    • Period: All year round
    • Public: All audiences
    • Accessibility: The buggies are not adapted but our guide Peru Hop and Wilson were more than helpful in making this activity as easy as possible for everyone!
    • For more information, please visit https://www.peruhop.com/fr/huacachina-sortie-buggy-sandboard/


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