Travelling to Italy by train

If you are planning a trip to Italy, let me tell you that taking the train is the best option!

The Italian railway network is very well developed throughout the country. The advantage: travelling by train is not only convenient and relaxing, but it is also the cheapest way to get around. Trenitalia has developed a very nice offer accessible to people with reduced mobility that makes their travels much easier. If you are in a wheelchair, Italian trains are potentially the ones with the most space we have done so far!

Italy has so much to offer, from the buzz of Milan to the lovely vibes of Siena. So go ahead, hop on board and enjoy the dolce vita!

Book an accessible trip with Trenitalia

Recently, the railway company Trenitalia has been present on the French market with the high-speed train Frecciarossa. Paris is connected to Milan twice a day via Lyon, Chambéry, Modane, Bardonecchia and Turin.

All Frecciarossa trains are equipped with a dedicated space for disabled passengers in Business Allegro class. There are two places for disabled persons and two places for their companions. All information can be found here.

To reserve, nothing could be easier:

  • Go to the website Trenitalia 
  • Choose the date of your trip
  • Click on the morning or afternoon train to choose your category
    1. It is not necessary to take the Business Allegro category to insure your PRM seat
    2. You can therefore take the cheapest fare and the allocation of dedicated seats will be done in a second time
  •  To reserve a place for your companion, click on "See more offers"
    1. In the "Offer" menu , select "PMR Accompanist"
    2. Fill in his name, first name and date of birth
  • Once the payment is made and your seats are assigned, you must fill out the form dedicated to the request for assistance in the station. You can find it here.
    1. In the "Places" section, enter your place and the place of your companion separated by a ",".
    2. For the type of assistance desired, if you are in a wheelchair, select: Reservation of an adapted place for a person in a wheelchair and accompaniment with provision
  • You will receive confirmation and your new seats by email within 48 hours.


This form is also valid for all your train reservations in Italy

All you have to do is go to the PRM assistance office next to track N in the Lyon station! For the return trip to Milan, the Sala Blu assistance is located next to track 5. Don't forget, you have to go to the assistance office at least 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

How much does a train trip with Trenitalia cost?

For a Paris - Milan, the cheapest ticket in the Standard Allegro category is 39€ and the PMR Accompagnatore ticket is 35€. Similarly, for a Lyon - Milan ticket, count respectively 33€ and 25€.

If you are traveling with an assistance dog, it can of course accompany you free of charge.

On the Italian part, the Accompagnatore fare will not be available because you must be in possession of an Italian disability card. Rest assured, tickets can be as low as 10€ depending on your trip, even on board a Frecciarossa.

What are the services on board the Frecciarossa?

The area dedicated to wheelchair users has a large window and various accessories (handrail, call button). It is located near the adapted toilets and the bar area. For meals, passengers can also use the Easy Bistro delivery service to order without having to go anywhere. Free and efficient wifi is also available.

Unfortunately, on the trains from Paris to Milan, there are no shelves to put your things or work more comfortably. If your train journey continues after Milan, you will have the pleasure of having them at your disposal.

Short video summary of the advantages of taking the train to Italy!

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  1. Bonjour
    Savez vous si sur les autres trains italiens ex Ventimiglia Milan et Milan Parlerme il y a aussi des tarifs pour l’accompagnement PMR .Je vous remercie

    1. Bonjour,
      Malheureusement le tarif accompagnant PMR ne fonctionne pas sur les trains réservés en Italie : il faut avoir une carte d’invalidité italienne. Il est tout de même possible de réserver des places dédiées aux PMR mais sans réduction. Les tarifs restent très abordables.

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