A week in the heart of Tyrol

OUR TRAVEL : 8 days, from 23 to 30 September 2021

WHERE: In the Austrian Tyrol between Hallstatt and Innsbruck

HOW TO GET THERE: From Vienna, we travelled by car. This allows us to have more freedom to stop wherever we want on the road.

WHEN TO GO? In the fall, the red and golden colors dress the forests. There are also fewer people than in the middle of summer to enjoy at your own pace.

WHY GO THERE? Tyrol is a region rich in incredible landscapes punctuated by churches with pointed steeples, deep blue lakes and snow-capped mountains. 

ACCESSIBILITY : Find all our addresses on our map Mapstr !

After a week in week spent in Viennawe headed west to travel the roads of the Austrian Tyrol between Hallstatt and Innsbruck. We have nothing against the city life but after a few days we miss the nature. For our greatest happiness, this region is easily accessible by wheelchair, so let's go to the high lakes, mountains and forests as far as the eye can see! 

From Vienna to Innsbruck


We make our first stop in Hallstatt. The name of this village may not ring a bell, but if you've seen The Snow Queen, you'll recognize it right away: Disney was inspired by it to create Arendelle, the village of Elsa and Anna!

In the early morning, meet at theend of the village to observe the clouds licking the mountains above the lake. There is not a sound except the lapping of the water on the passage of the ferry which connects the various villages... Magic!

One of the strong points of the village is the fact that cars are not allowed in the town center. Thus, despite the influx of tourists, it is easy to navigate the narrow streets, passing many colorful houses covered with flowers. 

To see the village from afar, we highly recommend renting an electric boat! Start from the center of the village and head towards the forest on the opposite shore. The perspective changes completely and you feel very small in the middle of the lake! Don't worry about the autonomy of your boat, you will be able to return without any problems after more than an hour on the water!

If you don't like the idea of being alone on the water, take the Dachstein cable car. At an altitude of 2,100 meters, the view of Hallstat and its glacier is impressive! The access to the World Heritage viewpoint is fully wheelchair accessible. If you want to venture up to the Five Fingers, be prepared to work your arms and the thighs of those who accompany you... The difference in altitude is quite important and the altitude tires quickly!

Heritage Hotel: Ideally located at the end of the village, you will be in a quiet place with a breathtaking view. The PMR room located on the first floor has an incredible terrace! Rates: from 130€ per night. Accessibility: Access is easy in the hotel. Remember to ask them for a chair (they only have a plastic chair) for the shower when you book. They bring it from another building and it can take a little time.

Bräugasthof: On the shores of the lake, you can eat with pleasure good typical dishes. Prices: from 15€ for a dish. Accessibility: The access to the terrace is flat. The toilets are not accessible.

Seehotel Grüner Baum: Right next to the Heritage Hotel, if the weather is good, feel free to have lunch on their terrace. Prices: From 10€ for a starter and 15€ for the main courses. Accessibility: The access to the terrace is on the side of the building to avoid a flight of stairs. The toilets are accessible. 

Seewirt Zauner : Behind the market place, . Prices: From 10€ for a starter and 15€ for the main courses. Accessibility: Only the terrace is accessible (there are steps to enter the hotel).

Electric boat rental : Ideal to discover the lake and the village from another angle! Rates : 25€ for 1 hour. Accessibility: The boats are not accessible as such. The two people on site helped us by holding the boat against the pontoon and I was able to transfer myself with the help of Myriam first on the pontoon and then by sliding my legs into the boat.

Dachstein cable car: A breathtaking view of the valley and the surrounding mountains. Find here the map of the Dachstein and here on the wheelchair-accessible viewpoint (in English). Prices: 34€/adult, 30,60€ for a person with reduced mobility and free for the accompanying person. Accessibility: The cable car is fully wheelchair accessible. There are also accessible toilets. It is preferable to have a third wheel to move more easily. The paths are paved but there are sometimes some passages covered with stones.

The castle of Hohenwerfen

If you can't see the Bavarian castle of Neuschwantsein, the castle of Hohenwerfen is in the middle of the valley. It can be visited by a funicular railway that ends its run in the ramparts. If you are in a wheelchair, you will only be able to reach the café inspired by the medieval period... We therefore advise you not to spend any time there and to continue your journey towards the Großglockner.

Hohenwerfen Castle: A typical Tyrolean castle that is only worth stopping for a photo of the exterior. Prices: 15,4€/adult, free for a person with reduced mobility. Accessibility: the funicular is wheelchair accessible and a platform allows you to reach the central esplanade. The other areas are inaccessible by wheelchair.

The Großglockner route

Less than two hours west of Hallstat, just before Zell Am See, begins one of the most beautiful roads we have ever driven in the mountains: the Großglockner road. 400 turns await you on the way to the Franz Josef glacier. Whether you are driving or riding a motorcycle, the twists and turns through the mountains and high lakes are simply magical!

If you make the round trip during the day, we recommend three stops:

  • Edelweißspitze: The most beautiful view of more than a dozen alpine peaks above 3,000m!

  • Fuscher Lacke: A beautiful lake with a footbridge in the middle that will make you feel like you are walking on water!

  • The ideal place to turn around with a view of the other valley on the other side of this tunnel


Hotel Wieser: One of the few accessible accommodations in this area. Rates: from 70€ per night with half board and breakfast. Accessibility: The hotel is fully wheelchair accessible.

Haus Alpine Naturschau : It is possible to eat at this stop with a nice view. Prices: from 10€ for a sandwich or fried sausage. Accessibility: There are parking spaces for handicapped people and a ramp to get inside.

Edelweiss Spitze : A terrace with a breathtaking view of more than a dozen alpine peaks over 3000m. Prices: from 6€ for a beer. Accessibility: there is a ramp to access the terrace and parking spaces for disabled people.

The Grossglockner route: One of the most beautiful roads in Tyrol. Prices: 37,5€ per car Accessibility: The entire route is of course accessible and the parking areas are large enough to allow you to get out of the car even if you are in a wheelchair

The Schlegeis reservoir

Just before reaching Innsbruck, make a detour to the Schlegeis dam. The road crosses several typical villages of Tyrol and their small churches with tapered bell towers. We confess that we don't know where to turn our head!

The imposing concrete facade of the dam becomes more apparent the further you go into the valley. Take the time to venture into the pedestrian zone at the top of the dam to fully appreciate its height! 

Schlegeis Stausee: A huge dam at the foot of the mountains! Price: 14,5€ per car at the toll booth located here. Accessibility: There are parking spaces for disabled people next to the dam. The view is already amazing from the edge of the lake. On the dam, the parapet is quite high and can prevent you from seeing the view.

Innsbruck and surroundings

For several centuries the city was the capital of Tyrol before the southern part of it became part of Italy. The main monument is the Goldenes Dachl, a façade covered with gilded copper, built in 1494 for the wedding of Emperor Maximilian of Austria. The city has also made its reputation in the field of winter sports by hosting two Olympics. The ski jump has remained and still functions!

If the city is quickly visited, it is perfect for exploring the region and the many restaurants will give you strength after your outings in the forest!

Before you head to our three must-see sites, walk up the river just outside of town for a first glimpse of the Tyrolean forests.

Hotel Zach: Right in the city center, a comfortable hotel to recharge your batteries before exploring the surroundings. Rates: from 110€ per night. Accessibility: It has several rooms adapted for people with reduced mobility. The common areas are easily accessible by wheelchair.

Stiftskeller: One of the many biergartens in the city. Find here their menu in French. Prices: sausages start at 7€ and dishes start at 12€ Accessibility: the terrace is accessible from the outside.

La Trattoria: The appetizers and entrees are hearty and the desserts delicious! Find here their menu in Italian and German. Prices: from 15€. Accessibility: the dining room and the terrace are fully wheelchair accessible as well as the toilets.

Gasthaus Goldenes Dachl: A modern address that revisits typical dishes. Prices: from 6€ for starters and 15€ for main courses. Accessibility: the entrance is on the same level, the dining room and the toilets are fully wheelchair accessible.

Speckeria: Perfect for eating a raw ham sandwich on the go. Prices: about 5€ for a sandwich. Accessibility: the entrance is on the same level. There is no seating area inside.

Obernberger See

This excursion is without a doubt our favorite in the Austrian Tyrol. Who hasn't dreamed of seeing one of the deep blue-green Tyrolean lakes surrounded by a forest of fir trees? The Obernberger lake is one of them! 

To get there, you leave the main road and go through several villages. When the bell tower of thechurch Saint Nicolas appears, you are not very far! The access to the lake is only on foot. The path is well passable by wheelchair but a third wheel is not too much to avoid too much vibrations on the stones. On the other hand, it is rather steep on a relatively short distance... We advise you to be accompanied if you want to be sure to arrive at the top without being too rinsed! 

The reward after so much effort is incredible! With an incredible purity, you take a deep breath and the smell of the fir trees takes you elsewhere! A chapel has been built in the middle of the lake to complete the beauty of the place! 

Obernberger See: A typical Tyrolean lake with a unique blue color and the mountains all around! Prices: Free hiking trails. Accessibility: The parking lot to start the hike is located here. The path is steep to get there, we advise you to be accompanied to push and pull your wheelchair. The third wheel will be your best friend again! Don't forget to bring water!

Piller Moor

An hour's drive west of Innsbruck, footbridges have been built in the middle of the forest: the Piller Moor! Accessing the nature with a wheelchair can be a tricky path with roots, rocks or simply a too narrow path... So we don't hide our happiness to have found them! Even if the distance is not long, the pleasure to walk again between the trees without any constraint takes over!

For the able-bodied, an observation tower allows you to see the tops of the trees above the moor!

Piller Moor: A great walk in the middle of the Moor on wooden walkways! Prices: Free access to the hiking trails. Accessibility: The parking lot is located right here. To get to the footbridges, it's best to have a third wheel or a little help because there is a passage that is on a path with some rocks.


The road to the Kaunertal ski area is worth a visit. Here you find the same environment as on the Großglockner road: hairpin bends, little vegetation and the glaciers in the background. In the off-season, the road is not very busy and you feel free to stop wherever you want to admire the view without a sound!

Cafe Seepanorama: On the lakefront, a nice address with a terrace and a view of the lake. Prices: from 10€ for the dishes Accessibility: there are parking spaces right in front of the restaurant. An elevator leads to the main room, the access to the terrace is on the same level and the toilets are on the first floor.

Kaunertal area: A beautiful road in good weather and a ski area in winter. The road to the Kaunertal area here. Prices: 25€/car at the toll booth located here. Accessibility : it is possible to stop almost everywhere on the road. There are no specific parking places for disabled people but the low number of cars allows you to park wherever you want.

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