Cross-country skiing - Annecy, France

On the Glières plateau, meet Florian for a cross-country skiing trip. How to do it when you are in a wheelchair? The machine designed by Tessier for people with reduced mobility is very recent and totally innovative. You sit in an alpine ski shell attached to two cross-country skis and off you go! A few pushes on the poles and you pick up speed. On the descents you grab the brakes to avoid falling! Florian adapts to your level and if you have the strength, it climbs a little, he will take you to the less frequented places of the plateau!

    • Contact: Florian Vallet - Activhandi contact page
    • Location: Plateau des Glières, Annecy - France
    • Duration: 2 to 3 hours approximately
    • Prices: The activity has just been launched by Activhandi so don't hesitate to contact them for full prices
    • Period: All winter season
    • Times: Morning or afternoon, depending on the number of students on the plateau
    • Public: All audiences. In case of reduced mobility, good mobility in the upper limbs is required to push on the poles and activate the brake handles under the frame.
    • Accessibility: The shell is comfortable and the foam is thick. The balance is quickly found and the small sticks are very practical. The only difficulty might be access to the brake handles under the seat.
    • For more information, please visit http://activhandi.fr

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