Camel ride - Marrakech, Morocco

The Terre des Étoiles lodge offers many activities including a camel ride. During 1 hour you will ride through the dunes of the Agafay desert to reach a 360° viewpoint! The real plus if you are in a wheelchair? They offer to help you climb on the animal to enjoy it like everyone else!

    • Contact: +212 661-59 11 50 - reservation@terredesetoiles.net
    • Location: Agafay Desert - Morocco
    • Duration: The walk lasts about 1 hour. 
    • Price: 350dh/person for the camel ride (approx. 34€) and 750dh (approx. 70€) for the transfer from the medina
    • Period: All year round
    • Times: There are outings throughout the day, including one at sunset.
    • Public: In principle, all audiences. For people with reduced mobility, it is better to be able to hold on to the hoop because the way the camel walks can throw you off balance. 
    • Accessibility: The staff who run this activity are happy to help you get on the animal. The saddle is very wide and the seat does not slip. It should allow as many people as possible to sit comfortably. There is a large metal hoop to hold on to during the ride.
    • For more information, please visit https://www.terredesetoiles.net/balade-point-de-vue-a-dos-de-dromadaire/

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