Trap fishing with Georgie - Martinique, France

Georgie and his boat Qu'est-ce tu dis? take you on a quest to find his traps in the middle of the Atlantic coast's white bottom. He knows every inch of it like the back of his hand. He doesn't need a landmark, he knows where each trap is. At each stop, he looks for them with his eyes and arms himself with his mask and snorkel to dive. Noam, his second-in-command, retrieves the fish and shells, taking care to release the youngest ones. Before putting the trap back in the water, he places a few pieces of coconut that will serve as natural bait for the next fish.

This sea trip has a considerable advantage. In addition to discovering a trade, you have the opportunity to bathe in Josephine's Bathtub before the other excursion vessels arrive. You are therefore alone, accompanied by a homemade rum (8 am may seem a bit early but it doesn't force anyone), on one of the most famous white bottoms of Martinique, a few meters from the coral reef. A dream come true!


    • Contact: Georgie (+596 696 39 98 12 / +596 696 07 89 70)
    • Location: Le François, Martinique - France
    • Duration: ½ day (8am - 12pm), lunch is served on site
    • Price: Georgie will give you all the information
    • Period: All year round
    • Public: All audiences
    • Accessibility: Georgie and his crew will help you get off the boat, which is large enough for you to stay in your manual wheelchair during the trip. For the swim stop, he will be the first to put you in the water!
    • For more information: qtd972excursions


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