Salar de Uyuni - South Lipez, Bolivia

Alexandro Adventure Travel are the best in the region. Go against the grain of the expeditions from Uyuni. You will discover the Tupiza desert, then have breakfast at the foot of Hinca Wasi. You will cross the South Lipez in the middle of multicoloured lagoons and you will admire the spectacle of the geysers of Sol de Mañana... A rich program for 3 unforgettable days! You will finish your journey at the Chilean border to reach San Pedro de Atacama.


    • Contact: aleadventure4x4@hotmail.com / +591 (6) 791 8495
    • Location: Tupiza - Bolivia
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Price: 870 USD (approx. 740€) for 4 people. We had privatized a complete 4×4 with the space that our luggage and the chair took.
    • Period: All year round
    • Public: All audiences
    • Accessibility:The 4×4s are not strictly speaking accessible. Climb aboard and let yourself be carried away by the immensity! You will probably have to hire a car to transport your equipment.
    • For more information, please visit https://www.facebook.com/Alexandro.Adventure.Travel.Tour.salar.de.Uyuni/


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