Paragliding flight - Saint-Leu, Reunion Island

On the west coast of Reunion Island, you can't miss the numerous paragliders flying over the cliffs. JB and Julien fromAzurtech gave us the chance to take advantage of them by climbing to the Colimaçons take-off site. Once well installed in the tandem, it only takes a few seconds to reach the straw-tails, the emblematic bird of Reunion Island! The view on the blue shades of the ocean is splendid. The small more by taking off here: the landing is done very gently on the beach!

    • Contact: JB, paragliding instructor (+262 692 85 04 00). Contact him to let him know your physical condition so that he can make sure that a flight will be possible
    • Location : Saint-Leu beach in Reunion Island
    • Duration: A flight lasts about 15 minutes (subject to good wind conditions)
    • Price: 80€ for 15 to 20 min flight, 100€ for 30 to 40 min
    • Period: All year round 
    • Schedule: Flights are made in the morning to maximize the chances of take-off
    • Public: It is preferable to be able to sit up to get the most out of the experience. It is also possible to do it lying on your back but the position will be uncomfortable to say the least.
    • Accessibility: They offer flights for people with reduced mobility but do not use the 3-wheel cart. They take good care of you and your positioning whether it's transporting you to the launch site or putting you in the harness. On landing on the beach, I lifted my legs and JB positioned himself in such a way as to stop the glider dead in its tracks, and this very smoothly!
    • For more information: https: //www.azurtech.com/index.html

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