White water kayaking - Inzinzac Lochrist, France

On our trip to Lorient, we went to Inzinzac-Lochrist, a few kilometres north. The Blavet, which connects Lorient to Pontivy, is the perfect place to climb into a kayak. 

Theisland of Locastel has created a natural white water park, a few hundred metres long, which allows you to try kayaking in a strong current in the middle of the rocks. The instructors will accompany you at every stage to enable you to have maximum pleasure in this unusual environment.

Kayaking in a wheelchair? Yes, it is possible! Here everything is done to make you feel at ease. They adapt their equipment as much as possible so that you too can participate in the effort in complete safety!

Don't worry, if you prefer a quieter outing, it is possible to go up the Blavet, which is lined with forest, passing through the various locks. A real moment of relaxation in a sumptuous setting.

    • Contact: 02 97 36 09 27
    • Location: Locastel Island, 56 650 Inzinzac-Lochrist 
    • Duration: The trip lasts about 2 hours
    • Price: 11€ for children and 17€ for adults
    • Period: All year round
    • Timetable: The outings can take place all day.
    • Public: It is possible to enter the white water park from 8 years old. They have single or double kayaks. You need to be in good physical condition to paddle the rapids. However, if you choose the trip on the Blavet, the pace will be much calmer and the person with you will be able to paddle the boat.
    • Accessibility : The park premises are fully wheelchair accessible (showers, changing rooms, toilets) but access to the water is more difficult. They have a seahorse to get you closer to the water without getting your chair wet. Once you are next to the kayaks, they do not hesitate to give you a hand to make your transfer. A terrace is to be built from the beginning of the school year to allow everyone to access the water without difficulty. The advantage? The kayaks are inflatable so their structure is very flexible at the seat.
    • For more information: https: //www.sellor-nautisme.fr/activite/parc-deau-vive/113

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