Hot air balloon flight - Marrakech, Morocco

Ciel d'Afrique is the only company to offer year-round flights in the Agafay desert. We leave Marrakech, still asleep, to reach the take-off site and watch the balloons being inflated. The strong point of this company? They have managed to find a simple and efficient way for people with reduced mobility to enjoy this extraordinary experience! If you are in Marrakech, don't miss this unique opportunity!

    • Contact : Contact page of their website
    • Location: Agafay Desert - Morocco
    • Duration: Approximately 4 hours including transfer from your hotel. 
    • Price: 2050dh/person (approx. 190€) and transfer from your hotel is included.
    • Period: All year round
    • Timetable: Flights are made at dawn to have the best flying conditions.
    • Audience: A priori all audiences
    • Accessibility: To make the most of the flight, they install a large cushion to sit comfortably in the basket. The toilets are not accessible but they are big enough to enter easily.
    • For more information, please visit https://www.cieldafrique.info

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