Hase Bikes electric tandem

During our round the world trip, one of our challenges was to cross New Zealand in an electric tandem!

After a lot of research, we discovered the brand Hase Bikes. They have a wide range of models, single and tandem, including the Pino.

It is possible to customise each model to your liking, much like a car, from the colour of the bike to the pedal system. The Steps model has a battery to accompany you during the effort.

This tandem is composed of :

  • At the rear, a first pedal, steering, gears and brakes.
  • At the front, a pedal board

Hase Bikes is a brand committed to making cycling accessible to as many people as possible, even those with disabilities. The handrail is one of the many possible modifications: armrest, crutch holder, seat harness for example. A configurator allows you to build the bike you need. The option of the handrail is not included, but at the time of our purchase it was around €1,400.

If you choose the handrail option, don't worry, your legs won't be dragging in the air. There are two leg rests on the front of the bike and two straps to keep them in place in case of shocks.

As far as storage is concerned, this was no easy task during our trip. This tandem is very long and quite wide with the leg rests. Fortunately, it can be disassembled in the middle and all parts (handlebars, leg rests, front seat) can be removed.

Our model is the 2019 model but a new version was released in early 2021 and this space issue has been greatly improved.

Have a look at their website!

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