Adaptive ski lessons - Megève, France

For several years, theESF Megève has been offering ski lessons to people with reduced mobility so that they can regain a certain degree of independence. Jean-Claude is one of the most emblematic instructors of the resort. He will help you choose the best equipment for you between dual-ski, uniski and kart-ski. You can trust him completely, he is a very good teacher and in a few hours he will be able to let go of the support bar and let you ski a few metres completely alone!

    • Contact: ESF Megève - 04 50 21 00 97 - Contact page
    • Location: Domaine de Rochebrune, Megève - France
    • Duration: Half-day session
    • Price: From 122€ per course
    • Period: All winter season
    • Times: 9am-12pm or 2pm-5pm
    • Public: All audiences. If you have reduced mobility, please inform them of your situation beforehand so that they can choose the most appropriate type of ski between the uniski, the Dualski, the tandem ski and the kart ski.
    • Accessibility: Jean-Claude will ask you for all the information he needs to choose the right hull for you. The integrated foam avoids pressure and possible injuries. Depending on your injury, he will adjust the height of the backrest so that you are as comfortable as possible during the course.
    • For more information: https: //www.megeve-ski.com/sur-mesure/handiski, find here the complete list of schools offering handiski solutions

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